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Simpson University Creates Integrated Reporting System With InetSoft

Posted by Ben Williams

Read how Simpson University sees a positive ROI from creating an integrated campus-wide dashboard reporting system with InetSoft, enabling power-users to run complex queries from any location.


Five Examples of Great Data Visualizations

Posted by Jessica Little

As a provider of data visualization software we're always curious to find interesting data visualizations that people are making in the real world. Here's we've collected five good-looking, well thought-out and interesting examples.

1. Communicating Transparency and Corruption's Global Corruption Barometer is an excellent example of an interactive data visualization. In the screenshot below, you can see how global survey respondents perceived the level of corruption in their respective countries. This particular screenshot is displaying perceived corruption data as it relates to political parties.

Transparency Map Visualization

2. Relationships of Common Health Symptoms

Have you ever wondered how common your health symptoms are or if they're related to other conditions? GE has. Its Health InfoScope allows you to look at data from millions of patients to get a deeper understanding of common health conditions. This is another interactive chart where you can drill down into the data according to your interests.

Health Infoscape Visualization

3. Historical Browser Statistics

Remember when AOL and Netscape were the browsers of choice for early Internet surfers? They're mere blips in the history of Web browsers according to this data visualization on Presented as a series of colored rings, much like the inside of a tree trunk, this data visualization shows how market share has changed over time.

Radial Chart of Browsers

4. Election Visualizations

Voters often change their minds just before voting, and the following data visualization shows how the nation shifted during the 2012 election. This particular visualization also allows you to see how the nation shifted from the 2008 election as well as how women, hispanics, and young voters influenced the elections.

Voting Map Motion Visualization

5. Fuel Economy by Auto Manufacturer

Curious about which auto manufacturers are boosting fuel economy? InetSoft's interactive Fuel Economy by Manufacturer allows you to look at fuel economy by manufacturer in numerous ways including by manufacturer, model, fuel type, or the number of cylinders. With just a quick glance, you can easily see which manufacturers are focused on fuel economy and which ones aren't.

Fuel Economy Visual Analysis

From corruption and health conditions to browser types, voting, fuel economy, and beyond, the world of data is waiting to be explored visually. How will you learn more about your world?


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A Chance to Participate in Dresner Advisory Services’ BI Research Survey

Posted by Jessica Little

Howard Dresner's analyst firm Dresner Advisory Services has launched its BI customer research survey, and all are welcome to contribute. This single, confidential survey, which should take you approximately 20-25 minutes, provides data for the annual Wisdom of the Crowds report plus several others. All participants will automatically get a complimentary copy of the completed report, a US$800 value.

Here is the link to the survey:

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Kentucky’s Largest University Selects InetSoft’s Style Scope for Management Dashboarding and Reporting Needs

Posted by Ben Williams

“Style Scope gives decision-makers a better way to distinguish perceptions from reality.”  Sullivan University is empowering it’s executives with real-time interactive dashboards created with InetSoft’s solution. Read more here.

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What is Big Data?

Posted by Jessica Little

More and more, you've likely heard the term "big data" thrown around. Just recently I even heard it in a radio commercial on the drive home. You may even have an educated guess as to what it means. Big data is much discussed by media and analysts, but little understood in the business world. If you're needing a better clarification, here's what you need to know about big data and how to make sense of it.

Defining Big Data

According to an article in Forbes, What is Big Data?,, "Big data is a collection of data from traditional and digital sources inside and outside your company that represents a source for ongoing discovery and analysis." For example, think about each time you fill out a form online. Whether placing an order, submitting an online review, requesting a quote on a mortgage, or creating a social network profile, that form generates data that is potentially useful to companies.

A recent CNBC report about big data and what it means to companies reveals that companies define big data in various ways:

.   18 percent consider big data to mean "a greater scope of information"

.   16 percent define it as "new kinds of data and analysis"

.   15 percent say it means "real time information"

.   13 percent define it as "non-traditional forms of media"

.   Another 13 percent define big data as "data influx from new technologies"

.   Just 10 percent define big data literally to mean "large volumes of data"

How Companies Use Big Data

Just as companies define big data in various ways, the same is true as far as how they use it. According to the CNBC report, the vast majority of big data budgets goes to sales and marketing followed by customer service, research and development, IT, manufacturing, finance and accounting, distribution and logistics, and human resources. Regardless of which functional area organizations focus their big data efforts on, most want to use big data to increase organizational efficiencies (51 percent), inform strategic direction (36 percent), and improve customer service (27 percent).

Discovering Big Data Insights

As we mention on our Tools for Visual Analysis and Reporting of Big Data page, business intelligence software helps businesses make sense of all that big data "on the fly" with web-based dashboards and data visualizations that allow business users to quickly find patterns and relationships.

Big data is big, indeed. It is also loaded with real-time information that could help your company become more efficient, strategic, and responsive to ever-changing customer needs.